Are THESE Elderberry Flowers?

This is in response to the lovely “comment” from Louise Nazeraj on the Hedgehog question.   This thing is called here “Rrush-qeni” or Dog Grapes.  In fall they make many black berries.  I think maybe they’re elderberries?  I hope so, because I want to make that cordial!!!  Louise:  I would have just answered your email, but I can’t put pictures that way.  Everyone here says that they do NOT eat these or do anything with them.  But as also many herbs – thyme, mint etc — grow here in profusion and yet we do not normally put them in the food, I am wondering if this is a great un-tapped resource?!

In other news, the Hedgehog is very well.  Just this evening I was working after dark in the new office (where she lives) and she was wuffling around my ankles and sticking her nose in my socks.  I picked her up and put her on my lap, where she promptly burrowed into my sweater.  Super-sweet!

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3 Responses to “Are THESE Elderberry Flowers?”

  1. Louise NazerajNo Gravatar says:

    They do look remarkably like elder flowers – do they have a sweet smell? The leaves are very similar to elderflowers too but I’d hate you to get poisoned! Try picking some and leaving it in a room – if the aroma is sweet and almost perfumey, I’d say they were elderflowers. The black fruits are poisonous if you eat them raw but fine cooked into a jam – maybe people tried to eat the fruits raw and got ill, which is why they leave them alone? I can’t wait to hear whether they are elderflowers…

    I’m so glad your little hedgehog is doing well.

  2. Louise NazerajNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve just been into the garden to examine the leaves on my elderflowers and they are identical to yours. The flowers on mine look a bit creamier in colour but they can range from white to pink, so I’m pretty certain you have found elderflowers. Do try the scent test though, if they don’t smell good when left for a couple of hours, I don’t imagine they’d taste very good!

  3. CatherineNo Gravatar says:

    Oh GREAT! In fact, this picture is from last year – the plants are just starting to poke up now – but man, they go fast. I go up the slopes everyday now, and everyday it’s changed! But I can’t wait for the flowers now!!!! Thank you so much!

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