On a sheerly local level, Alfred and I could get into Big Trouble, for encouraging YOU to make trouble.  Nonetheless, – it seems to me that I can’t be accused of encouraging you from doing what you want.   Therefore:  If you want to urge the Albanian government to take responsibility for Valbona, and the other natural treasures that it  is defacto protector of, I should begin by telling you that I absolutely think it’s a bad idea, and I officially urge you NOT to write to the following members of  the Albanian government. Not to — absolutely  write to:

Fatmir Mediu, Minister for the Environment:

Dr. Sali Berisha, prime minister:

Majlinda Bregu, The Minister for Foreign Integration:

Always of course expressing yourself in your own words, and PLEASE not making any reference to me, Alfred, or Local People.  We could be in very deep trouble for less.

That said, a few pithy, well-worded requests to protect the rare nature here would certainly be :  well timed?  Powerful?  Who knows, but better than silence.

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