So many people over the last few years have slipped me an extra 10 or 50 euro, or sent more, or gone home and stumped for grants and charitable contributions for us, and I’m always too busy moving forward to properly thank people, so, herewith, I’m beginning a list.  Thank you, all of you!  Well, this was a good idea, but I’m afraid I haven’t updated it in . . . . TWO YEARS!!!!???? Oh mi god.  Well, “Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better.”

Erik Heinz in April 2015, for the Garmin 60-whatsit we can use to lend to tourists to find their way.  Nice touch, since we loaned him ours when he was here (which he used to do an INSANE hike up to Lugu i Silkut!).

Christine Breitenmoser for the charitable gift she negotiated with USITAWI in Switzerland of 3000 CHF to the school, being realized in books, furniture, documentaries and science kits.  And again in 2014 another 3000 CHF, used to buy GPS, printers, nice locking wooden cabinet, paper, ink, and internet for the local school!!!  They’re practically in the 21st Century now!

Christian and Teresa Hillman for 4 GPS units to be used with local school children.

Karl and Nicole Lambermont who not only didn’t mind Pango breaking Karl’s arm, but donated the cost of their (curtailed) holiday to benefit the local children.  A DVD projector was purchased with their donation.

Peter and Rona Grabo who stopped by for a coffee, and stayed in our hearts.  150 euros sent to electrify the school.

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