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Hi All!  Thanks for joining us!  I’ll try to post everything as it happens here, in note form (or with links).  You can browse this occasionally, and see if you missed something (’cause I forgot to include you in an email).  Send me an email and I’ll forward you whatever you need.  I will also add “TO DO” notes, and if you know how TO DO any of them, please contact me.

It’s turning into a complicated story, with a LOT of players.  I suppose software exists to organize such things, but what the heck.

7 March 2016

Lavdrim in Kukes asking around about “how many licenses” but no one seems to know.

Friend in USA offering to make fake email and pretend to be interested investor to request details.

Is road to Mali i Zi a separate project?  Can we ask OSCE to pressure for all license information?



6 March 2016

8:00 am – Confirmation from Alma Bako via email that licenses cannot be renewed or extended by court, but entire licensing process must begin again from start.  She also points out that EIA does not include description of any roads, or any electricity lines, so either they must have separate license (TO DO:  check for more licenses?!) or they don’t have permission.  (TO DO:  Contact policeman Bardhi, and make sure he is ready to come as soon as we call him, if we see any construction)  (TO DO:  Ask Bardhi what phone number we can give to people in Dragobi, to contact if THEY see construction)  (TO DO:  asap must photograph proposed construction sites, to document that there isn’t any construction).

12:00 noon – over to Valbona TIP (which ought to have been called and function as: Valbona Community Center) for community meeting in which 10 Albanian experts meet with local population.  Amazing turn out – many people I didn’t know or recognize.  HUGE success.  (thanks everyone!)  (TO DO:  What was the news service filming, and make sure we know when they publish!)

? 17:00 – follow up meeting with experts.  (TO DO: get full names and contact of who was present).

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