Valbona Mountain Rescue : Publicity and News

2015 11 16 Albanian Daily News

16 November 2015:  Valbona MRS in Albanian Daily News!

15 November 2015:  Looking for sponsorship for ski training.

We’d love to send the guys to Dardhe or Brezovica this winter to do some ski training, as the Czech experience tells us that someday, winter rescue will be necessary – maybe even more so than for summer hiking!  If you have any ideas, please contact:

9 November 2015: Valbona Mountain Rescue Service on Czech Television!

6 November 2015: 2015 11 5 Tirana TimesValbona MRS in Tirana Times – who knew, Press Releases work!

9 October 2015: Czech Ambassador, Bronislava Tomasova, on Albanian TV Top Channel.

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