Mirë së Vini! Information for Agencies

Hello, and thank you for thinking of us!

To learn more about us, please take a look at the following helpful downloads (me vjen shume e keq qe jane vetem ne Anglisht):

Rates Services  New Accommodation
2014 Agency Rate Insert Valbona Agency Reklama - for web2 Rezidenca Announcement
Full Menu at Rilindja   Special Farmhouse Menu 6€ & 8€ Dinner Options 
Full Menu at Rilindja  2500 lek menu 6 & 8 € Dinner Options


Hiking Kollata Over the years, we have responded to our guests and clients by developing a range of services, which makes us great to work with, but can be a little confusing in the beginning!  Are we a Hotel? a Guesthouse?  Hostel? Restaurant? Campground? Are we an Information service?  Do we plan itineraries, provide transport and guides, rent  horses?  The answer YES!  Yes, yes, yes! And if we don’t do it, we know who does.  This year we’ve decided to take the name of our home, Quku i Valbonës, as the umbrella name for everything we do.  Look to see that name more often!

Of course, there’s also this website, Journey to Valbona, and our NGO “ShAV,” and all the work we do to encourage the sustainable growth and prosperity of our home, be it environmental, educational or social.  Wish us luck!

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