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 Relative Villages Valbona
 In fact there are 3 main centers of habitation in Valbona:  Quku i Valbonës (that’s us!), Valbona Qender (Center, aka: where the school is) & Rranxa e Brisë (generally referred to as Rrogam, although ‘Rrogam’ is actually an area, more than a village).  There is also a nice house in Kukaj, and a few options in Çerem.  There are also 3 other (small to big-gish) hotels: one in Quku i Valbonës, and two in Rrogam.  You don’t have to memorize this, all will be made clear below . . . .
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Other places in Quku i Valbonës
(which is nice because you’re still handy for the restaurant at Rilindja, our “information center,” maps, and help with organizing)
Ademi Guesthouse • Only Albanian spoken • Contact Genti @ +355 67 26 28 737 • Adem and Faridja – who are like the Albanian George Burns & Gracie Allen – welcome you to their traditional highland home.  10 € per Person (without breakfast)• 12 € per Person (with breakfast)• 3 rooms, 10 beds including double beds• 1 Modern Bathroom
Structure in December 2014 Vila Dini • Hotel. English spoken • Contact Erenik @ +355 67 32 30 951 or erenik.selimaj@yahoo.com • All new construction and very modern. • 30€  single room• 40€  double room• 50€  triple occupancy room• all rooms with private bathrooms• small on site restaurant
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in Çerem
 Berti’s (Robert Isufi) • Guesthouse. Only Albanian spoken • Contact Berti @ +355 67 22 74 913The first Guesthouse in Çerem, run by an enterprising young fellow named Berti.
Avdi Isufi • Guesthouse. Only Albanian spoken • Just show up!Lovely old couple. Avdi was born in Çerem and is the last one down and the first one up around winter every year.
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in Valbona Qender
Kelmend Selimaj Guesthouse & Jezerces Restaurant • Guesthouse & Restaurant.  Only Albanian spoken • Contact Kelmend @ +355 67 30 93 406 • Our pick for nicest guesthouse in Valbona Center. Big, old and authentic, but with new bathrooms and beds. The restaurant is small and basic, but set back next to a little stream. Very pretty. • 10€ per Person (with breakfast)

• 8 rooms

• 26 beds

• 4 Modern Bathrooms

• Jezerces Restaurant

Sherif Selimaj Guesthouse & Tradita Restaurant • Guesthouse & Restaurant.  Italian spoken • Contact Isa @ +355 67 30 14 567 • Tradita Restaurant is one of the social hubs of Valbona Village, making it an excellent place for people-watching.  When not in the cozy farmhouse tucked away by a small stream, guests can ramble over to the restaurant and while away the hours being part of daily village life. • 12€ per Person (with breakfast)

• 6 rooms

• 2 Modern Bathrooms

• Tradita Restaurant

• 5 small cabins available

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in Kukaj
View of Houseoda




Tahir Avdyli • Guesthouse.  Mostly only Albanian spoken • Contact Tahir @ +355 67 36 84 400 •  A BEAUTIFUL old house, 20 minutes’ hike above the valley bottom, on the Rosi Path, with tasteful modern renovations inside and bathrooms.  Fantastic location, quiet, private and pure tradtion.  Be sure to pick up a hiking map at Rilindja.  • 20€ per Person (with 3 meals)

• different rooms available

• 2 modern bathrooms

• 4×4 transport for luggage (and people) possible – 20€

Rosi Front Cover

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in Rrogam
Kol Gjoni Guesthouse • Guesthouse / Restaurant / Camping.  English spoken • Contact Kol @ +355 67 30 22 876 or bledarjubani@yahoo.com • The most popular guesthouse at that end of the valley.  Kol and his family  are especially good at demonstrating local culture, dressing up and dancing on the lawn – fun things like that!  The restaurant is small and basic but super cute. Also only 4km from the Qafa e Valbonës (Thethi) Trailhead. • 12€ per Person (with breakfast)

• 6 rooms

• 2 Modern Bathrooms

• small on-site Restaurant


Margjeka in summer Hotel Margjeka • Hotel / Restaurant.  German spoken • Contact @ +355 67 33 82 162 or hotel@hotelmargjeka.com • Built  in 2012, this new building offers modern conveniences with a beautiful backdrop. • single, double and triple rooms available, 22 rooms total• Full Restaurant• Private Bathrooms in each room
Mark Lamthi Guesthouse • Guesthouse / Camping.  Only Albanian spoken • Contact Mark @+355 69 25 03 941 • Definitely wins the prize for “best ceilings.” I would stay here just to sleep in the room under the Albanian Eagle.
Fushe e Gjes Fushe e Gjes (aka “Burimi Valbonës) • Hotel / Restaurant. Only Albanian spoken • Contact @+355 67 20 18 005 • By far the biggest hotel in the valley, and most popular with Albanians, who enjoy the loud all-night dance parties. • Private Bathrooms• Singles, doubles & triples available• Small cabins available• Very big restaurant


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