Scott, Cook and Catherine!

Scott may have been first to the South Pole, and Cook to the North (Peary was such a Poop) . . . . But CATHERINE was the first to stand on Our New Stairs.  Well, half of them anyhow.  Those of you who know us will remember the Old Stairs.  One of my favorite memories from last year was of the overheard conversation of two hikers :  “We just walked from Thethi to Valbona, but the scariest thing I saw today was THESE STAIRS.”  To be fair, they were fairly normal Alpine stairs, but they did take some getting used to.  You will note here in the background that it started to snow today.  Nutty. Stay tuned for the slide show, as we tear the front off the hotel to build a luxurious New Room.  Oh. Alfred wants me to say that actually He and Brahim (our wonderful genius builder) were the first.  But can they prove it?  Hah.

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5 Responses to “Scott, Cook and Catherine!”

  1. Laura FinlayNo Gravatar says:

    New stairs that you can actually WALK up rather than climb? A new luxurious room for guests? What on earth is going on there?

    Next thing you will be telling me that you are getting a ping pong table….x

  2. saraNo Gravatar says:

    i nominate you for a shiny medal of some sort. but just one. we don’t want you getting eaten by the wolves.

  3. CatherineNo Gravatar says:

    Hey! If anyone visiting us can name this clever literary reference from Sara, I’ll buy you a beer when you get here!

  4. saraNo Gravatar says:

    teehee! are you spring-ing in valbona yet? brooklyn is beginning to let her hair down…and raise her hemlines! miss you.

  5. Ariadne OliverNo Gravatar says:

    Julie of the Wolves?

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