Other Options

Of course we hope you’ll stay with us, but maybe we’ll be full!  Honesty and support of our fellow Njerz i Valbonës compels us to point out that there are other options.  With tourism growing a staggering 30% a year in Valbona, that means we now have around 300 beds available.  (If that sounds like a lot, remember that similar “mountain village destinations” for example Bohinj in Slovina, have around 6,000 beds!)

There are now 7 other Guesthouses in Valbona, and will soon be 3 other hotels.  With our Shoqata hats on, we are helping to get websites and listings for the Guesthouses through the WHL site www.shkoder-albanian-alps.com.  Ngadal, ngadal (slowly slowly).  There are photographs of Mark Lamthi and Ilirjan Lamthi’s Guesthouses near Rrogam on our Flickr page (search: JourneytoValbona or their names).  We recommend both houses highly!

For your information, here is a copy of the draft map made by UNDP which shows the location of Guesthouses and Hotels.  Please note that the “Valbona T.I.P” is the building that was constructed on the land which is the subject of the “Land Grab” videos, under our “Good” section.  Despite a court ruling that the Komun papers were laughably illegal, the Berisha government went over the court’s head, and signed the land over to the Komun. No people from Valbona were employed in the building of it, and the Komun government reports they do not have enough money to install running water in the village yet.   I give you the information, to make of it what you will.  Well.  Here’s the map!










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