Hyrmet Tours


IMG_20150512_124126Hyrmet is one of the most familiar figures of the valley.  In Koha-e-Enverit (communism) times, Hyrmet’s monster truck was the vehicle of choice for wedding parties, who all loaded into the back, with ‘Tupan’ (drum) and music included, to deliver the bride from father’s house to husband’s.  Since then times have changed, but the truck has kept going.  Now Hyrmet mostly does wood deliveries or (in my humble experience) rescues late hikers returning footsore and exhausted after overly-ambitious expeditions (Thanks Hyrmet – we would have been lost without you!).  It’s our idea that visitors might like the chance to travel, hay-ride style, in this aesthetically pleasing and historically significant vehicle – not to mention the fact that since it’s more than 50 years old, it’s stronger than any modern vehicle, and can still go places other trucks blanche – or stall – at.  Hyrmet’s number is 067 30 14  618, or we’re happy to arrange for you. At the very least, if you’re coming to stay with us, we recommend (strongly!) an evening tour of the valley.Hyrmet Dedushi

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