Reserve a Room, Bed or Campsite

In our on-going attempt to make everyone’s lives easier (or at least MINE and YOURS) we’ve added an open-source coded booking service to the website.  To be honest, we’re not really sure how this is going to go.  You still can’t PAY online.  And as far as I’ve been able to tell, the software limits you to booking each room separately, and each day separately, which seems kind of annoying (for example, if you want to book 3 rooms for 3 days, you’re going to have to make 9 separate bookings – sorry! Or you could just bag it and email me directly –  And nevermind the complication of whether you want a room as a single, or a double, or even as a triple (I guess you can put that in the ‘details’ field?) AND it also assumes that I’m going to be able to log on in real time and update availability on the back end.  But what the heck.  We can only try!  It IS nice in that at the very least, it WILL tell you if a room is NOT available on a specific date, in that (if not) the day you want will NOT be listed as a “clickable event” (see the next paragraph) after you search, if it’s already been booked.

MehitabelA couple of things to be aware of:  A booking is called an “event.”  That’s coded into the software (I’m SURE they’re working on this – they’re super smart, and I imagine this is all they do all day – sit around fixing and fitting their software.  I’m sure THEY – those open source coders – don’t get interrupted constantly to go iron sheets and make bread and stuff like that).  Another thing that’s odd is that I only seem to be able to list days as, for example, Oct 22-Oct 22, which actually means the night of Oct 22, which actually means Oct 22 -Oct 23rd.  But what the heck.

Feel free to book your room here.  Even if there’s some massive screw up and someone’s asleep, we’ll do our best, as ever, to honor your booking.  (Of course, it goes without saying, the person asleep will NOT be me!) (Actually, it probably will be me.  But I will be very, Very, VERY Sorry!)  You will immediately get a very serious sounding confirmation email (nice but kinda meaningless), which will inevitably be followed up by a much more human-sounding email from me directly. As I said in Paragraph 1 (the above, referenced), for now, the best thing about this is mainly negative, in that it will tell you if something is NOT available.  Oh well.  Toujours Gai. (to quote Mehitabel).

And with that said, here ya go . . . .

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