Where to Stay in Quku i Valbonës

Here are the options in Quku i Valbones village (or hamlet).  You can click on place names in the map for more pop-up information (and links) or read the table below.

Ademi Guesthouse • Albanian & English spoken • Contact Genti @ +355 (0)67 26 28 737 • Adem and Faridja who – in their 80s – are like the Albanian George Burns & Gracie Allen – welcome you to their traditional highland home.
Adenisi Guesthouse • Albanian & English spoken • Contact Adenis @ +355 (0) 67 49 35 561 • Young Adenis welcomes you to his newly renovated family home.  Horses available and tours.  Also cows to milk.
Arben Selimaj Guesthouse • Albanian, English & German spoken • Contact Gazmend @ +355 (0)68 45 67 306  • One of my favorite families welcomes you to their cozy home. Private and quiet, you can only get there by crossing a footbridge.

Click HERE  to see more & book online.

(17.3.2017 – the rates are still a little weird, because we’re fine-tuning the coding, but don’t worry about it, you just pay Arben cash, anyhow).

12€ per person BB, 20€ per person FB.

3 rooms available: 2 with a double bed plus 2 singles each, 1 with 5 single beds (hostel style)

Mehmeti Guesthouse • Albanian & English spoken • Contact Miri @ 355 (0)68 50 68 105  • Mehmet is the oldest brother and patriarch of this generation of Selimaj.  His grandson Miri is like my own godson.  And Mir’s mother Raza makes the best byrek EVER. Bathroom may be less than ideal, but for authenticity of experience can’t be beat.  Oldest house in the village.
Quku i Valbones • Albanian & English spoken • Contact catherine@journeytovalbona.com (better) or Alfred @ 355 (0)67 30 14 637 (short-term memory a challenge)  • This encompassing name includes all 3 of Alfred Selimaj’s accommodation offerings.  As the first and most advanced tourism business in Valbona, everything offered doesn’t fit here, so Click HERE to find out more, and book online.
Vila Dini • Albanian, English & Italian spoken • Contact Erenik @ erenik.selimaj@yahoo.com or 355 (0)67 32 30 951  • Din Selimaj is the youngest of the generation of patriarchs (brother of Mehmet), and a legend in Tropoja.  He’s retired from being a surgeon by building a nice new hotel – probably your best bet for fine modern convenience in a traditional setting.


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