Cabin Fever Strikes Walls White

Rilindja Painted White scaled

Well, it’s that time of the year again.  The season of indoors does make one tempted to tackle crazy projects . . . . So I’ve painted half the inside of Rilindja white.  Of course, there’s no white (aka: snow) outside which makes me wonder what it will look like when there is . . . Just empty window frames, floating in space?  Witih odd decorations hanging in midair?  Stay tuned . . . .

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One Response to “Cabin Fever Strikes Walls White”

  1. AnnaNo Gravatar says:

    no snow outside..?? but come…?
    we planned to come in March/April and ski but it seems we’ll have to switch to bikes instead:)
    either way, can’t wait to see you guys!

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